A drama by Claude Guilman published by Prise de parole.

Created in 1997 at the Factory Theatre in Toronto, staged by the author.

Broadcast at Théâtre de l’Ile de Hull, 1999.


Two brothers find themselves in the hospital, at the bedside of their father who was involved in a serious car accident. Less fortunate than himself, his 10 year old son, from a second marriage is kept alive artificially. In an adjoining room, a girl has waited for a new heart for too long and risks not surviving the night. Should the heart of their half-brother be used to save the life of their father, or should they give a second chance to a little stranger who has her whole life before her? It is around this dilemma that l’Égoïste unfolds, a dramatic work with comedic accents. Tightly-knit dialogues turn to explosive exchanges between the two brothers and the reconciliation efforts of the mother.


Script, scenography and direction: Claude Guilman

Original music and sound design: Claude Naubert

Lighting design: Michel Charbonneau

Costumes: Yvonne Sauriol

Production management: Claude Guilmain

Stage management (premiere): Francine Lapointe

Stage management (tour): Annick Léger

Original production cast

Steve Baker (doctor Kitchener), Roch Castonguay (Marc Gagné), Nancy Pelletier (nurse), Jeanne Sabourin (mother), Luc Thériault (Yves Gagné).

Touring production cast

Steve Baker (doctor Kitchener), Roch Castonguay (Marc Gagné), Micheline Marin (mother), Luc Thériault (Yves Gagné).

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« Un texte drôle, ironique, cynique, grave intelligent, truculent, oui! Il y a une finesse psychologique… » 
Alexandra Diaz, CJBC Bonjour


20 performances, Toronto, Hull

1300 spectators

Awards and distinctions

Trillium Award finalist, Ontario 2000